Live – Love – Be Loved – Eat Well

We are a family owned and operated Restaurant/British Afternoon Tea House and Bakery/Patisserie located in Old Colorado City, Colorado Springs. We also offer a specialty market and art exhibit. You are welcome to join us for a wonderful meal from the Mediterranean/Red Sea Regions and Ethiopia’s finest cuisine. Delight yourself with our afternoon British tea time.

As children, we grew up in a loving family where one could hear mama and papa say “Hello my love! I love you!” Where grandma and mama would cook mouth watering food that was out of this world, and we would all sit and enjoy not only the scrumptious food, but each other.

Now we want to share the love of healthy and delicious foods in the company of friends and every one walking into our restaurant/Tea house/Specialty Market. We know you will soon be our friend too.  You, your family and friends are welcome.
Thank you for stopping by!

-Chef Maya